I’m starting to like you.

You know, I’ve changed so much I think with my reaction to guys.

Yeah okay, I still check my phone every 2 seconds thinking “WHY HAVEN’T YOU TEXT ME BACK?!” But, I do that secretly! Recently, as many of you know, I’ve been talking to this really nice lad who doesn’t actually live that far from me, and you know what, I know he’s probably going to read this but I’m starting to like him. He’s different you know? A good different. He makes me smile, I’ve fell asleep on cam to him, and everyday I speak to him, it makes me like him more and more.

Even if he has a granny pulling car.

I wish everyone could share the experience I’ve been having these past few days, I’ve had a hard time with relationships in the past, but I hope this could be different.

He doesn’t talk about horniness or morning glories.. Because he see’s no point in any of that. Which is a good thing. I’m guessing I’ve found a rock where one of the nice lads has been hiding.

One day in the summer, I hope to meet him. And I think that will be the best day ever of my summer. Even if nothing happens between us, I will always want to be his friend, or even his best friend, because he’s simply amazing. And I wish there were more of him for everyone out there, because he would make you feel special, like he’s made me feel.

I’ve been waiting a long time to meet someone like him, who asks me how horse riding was, and doesn’t spend forever on the xbox or ps3, who actually thinks I’m interesting and not some lune who speaks about cupcakes endlessly.

I’m happy, for once in my life. I’m happy and I feel good. Very good.


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