Buns, Buns, Buns…

Well guys, it was my first day at Tewkesbury Food and Drink Festival and I thought it would be so much better than it was. I sold quite a lot, but I have quite high expectations!

I hate it when people look at your stall and are like, “oooohhh, I’ll come back later!” what a load of bollocks. I just have this urge to punch them in their face. So was giving everyone the spiel about only being 16 and the fact I’ve been working for 5 years for my parents and that I was up for 12 hours yesterday icing over 300 cupcakes. The pie lady next door to me who had an exotic name like Davidina or something, said that I was the most confident girl she’d met, and that she wouldn’t of been able to do what I had done today. But I’m just, sort of, used to it.

I’m sorry about today guys, but today’s just going to be about me going on about myself.

I also had someone ask me to speak at Gloucestershire College to inspire young people to do the same as me, and become entrepreneurial and inspire people, basically. I was just stood there like OH MY GOD. Nearly in tears but I think that was because I was just so tired.

SIDE NOTE. I’ve just seen a chinese boy on BGT with blonde hair and brown eyebrows. WTF.

– I also have so many randomers on my msn.

But that made me really happy, and gave me the push to keep selling throughout the day. Maybe tomorrow will be so much better. I’ve moved the cakes more forward and Mum’s going to ice some tonight because I’m just knackered.

What also annoyed me is, there was this man who was also selling cupcakes behind me who was doing so much better than me but his cakes had white dog turds on, and looked really silly :/ But on the other hand, I did have some orders for weddings and lots of people took my card, so fingers crossed! and toes!

Throughout the day, I had two burgers, not one but two, I think I needed it because I couldn’t just survive on fried eggs, you know the sweets.. Oh well 🙂

Tomorrow will be better, I hope. But I love the feeling of selling cupcakes, and seeing people’s reactions when they see them.

It inspires me. Makes me feel one in a million.
“Wow, their lovely” That’s because they are lovely, and I’m not just being modest.


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