What a bunch of wankers.

I didn’t pressure you. I haven’t done anything wrong. I thought you liked me.

Obviously not. Maybe your the same as everyone else. You keep saying you want to meet me, and then turn it around and say I pressured you :/. Why do boys do this?

I thought you were the nice ones, you were so sweet, everything you said made me smile, but then you nearly made me cry. I shouldn’t have told you that I liked you, because maybe that’s what turned this sour. Am I not beautiful? Not skinny like the others? I know I’m a bit porky round the edges, that my make smudges every time I smile, that I laugh weirdly, some say like a Donkey.

I’m not like every other girl. I’d say I can be dirty when I want to be. But I’m mature, nice, sweet, confident, I’m somewhere in life. Not like your future girlfriends.

You’ve made me really angry actually, most boys do. They say things, make you think somethings going to happen, when it’s not. I believed something was going to happen. There was a connection but I could sense something was going to happen, when I poured out my heart to you, and you said “Aww” with a few kisses.

I do push perhaps too much, but that’s just my nature. I don’t mean anything bad by it. It’s just how I come across to much. If I want something, I get it but not in a spoilt way.

I hate the way something bad happens in relationships and boys always turn it on you. It’s my fault. I did this wrong etc. But what have I done but make another silly mistake. Getting my hopes up yet again just to feel the emotion of love. But yet to sit my cold boring bathroom, sat on top of my toilet, writing this blog. To tell people, people I hardly know and some my best friends, how I feel. How many other people feel when boys hurt them.

I think that’s why God made boys. To hurt us girls.

But the one thing I’ve heard these past few days which is true, nothing lasts forever. There’s a sellby date on everything.

And I’ve learnt this the hard way. By being hurt by you, and other people the hard way.

What a fucking joke.


One thought on “What a bunch of wankers.

  1. Two things of this blog really stood out to me
    You say ‘I’m mature, nice, sweet, confident, I’m somewhere in life. Not like your future girlfriends.’
    How can you know this? Everyone has their own opinion of theirselves. But how can you know this? Others perseve us completly differently to how we or our friends do.

    A Little Mistress

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