I hate revision, with a passion. I was really good at it during the first week of Easter. And I will eventually do revision or borvision as I call it, but I ceebs at the moment. There’s so much shit that’s gone on, losing the ones that mean the most and work, that when I get home, I tell myself I’ll do some, I WILL DO SOME REVISION, but I end up asleep on the sofa.

I will pass my exams. But I find it so hard to sit there and just revise without any distractions. Like facebook.

I’m constantly refreshing my facebook page and thinking of statuses that people will like. Or stalking people to see what they are up to or who’s said what to who.-Side note- I am a facebook freak. When I open up an internet browser, I automatically type in and that’s even at school. Even just sat there, I’m on my phone, replying to texts, replying to posts on my wall, sitting there watching tv, or writing this blog.

But this blog, means so much to me, I know it’s just a thing, a site, where people write random stuff or actually strut their stuff. But people actually read what I’ve written, people sit there and click on my blog and read it. And it means so much to me. I’m slightly going off the topic.

Revision. Revision. Revision. I will eventually do it, like I always do – leave it to the last minute. And I really should start talking my own advice.

Make little revision cards, laminate them, read them out, repeat them, or do practise papers. Use the techniques.

Peck, Pecks, Cake, 2 sides 1 judgement, PEE, Boss etc.

Guys, if you’re doing exams, stressing, I am too. But don’t because you will eventually get there, eventually after loads of hard work, get the grades you deserve. Just try your best that’s all anyone can expect of you.

I believe in you.


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