Nobody’s perfect – nothing is perfect. I mean, take my headphones right now, one keeps falling out my ear, WHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT?

I just thought I would share my imperfections with you to show you that no one is perfect, including me.
People tell me I’m amazing, my best friends, my boyfriend. And it is so hard to believe them. If I was amazing then I would feel it yeah? If I was amazing, I would have everyone kissing my ring.

Sometimes smiles don’t make everything all right.

Now I’m just rambling.

Imperfection #1:  I bite my nails. It’s a habit, like dogs smelling other dogs bums. I seriously have tried all this shizz that you put on that “apparently” tastes like shit, so when you put it in your mouth you’re put off. Does it work? NO. Come up with a new invention? I don’t even know why I do it.

Imperfection #2: I could go for weeks without shaving my legs. Sometimes I’m sat in the bath, I cannot be bothered to shave them. I am not a morning person, I’ll just be sat there with my duck like, SAFE wash my hair and get out again.

Imperfection #3: I’m too full on. I fall in love to easily. I get attached. I trust people too much. I’m too nice. That’s like 5 in one? The people who I go out with, I want to be with them forever, but we all know forever doesn’t exist.

Imperfection #4: I talk too much. I like to talk fast, so people don’t understand me? ;). Sometimes I want to impress people so much, that I will talk about random things, and try and make conversation. Some say it’s a good thing, some say it’s a bad thing.

Imperfection #5: my laugh. I sound like a donkey on steroids. Everyone loves it but I hate it, I try and change it but it just comes back like a bad smell.

I thought I would do 5, so I didn’t bore you, but here’s a few more to keep you entertained without explanations. My obsession with tomato ketchup. I text all the time. I like weird food etc.

But with all those imperfections. I still have a boyfriend who loves me for me. And friends who think I’m a freak but will always be my friends.

You are who are you are. Don’t try and change you. Even if you hate yourself, you will always think there’s something wrong with you, you’ll always look at the imperfections, instead of the perfections.

Whoever you are, there is, without a doubt, someone out there who thinks you’re amazing or perfect. You are who you are. Not anyone else, but you.




One thought on “Perfection.

  1. The one fact everyone must remember though.
    Friends and boyfriends will always say someone is amazing or perfect.

    Its people who don’t know you should ask what they think of you.

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