Haters? Wow, Grow Up.

I’ve just had a comment on here, which I chose to delete :L saying this is the worst kind of blog, and it’s not worth reading. DON’T READ IT THEN. It really bugs me when people do this, you know, it’s my blog, I will write about what I want to write about. Don’t rain on my parade, thanks very much. I know I should ignore people’s comments, but apparently I’m “self-obsessed”, I’m sorry if I come across this way, but it’s a blog about my life, so therefore I’m going to have to write about me, am I not o.O?! I know, even the best bloggers or vloggers have critcs or “haters”, but it’s just sort of put me down.

Should I keep doing this, is anyone actually liking what I’ve written? I personally think it’s a load of tosh, but I have people telling me it’s good stuff, and I do love seeing the stats go up.

You know, it’s hard writing a blog, sitting here and thinking what to write to keep people interested, fair play if your not, there’s nothing keeping you from going off this page.

Not many people understand why I am writing a blog, and some people see it as being vain. But I see it as sort of, coming out of your shell if that makes sense. I don’t have many friends, and I don’t really go out much, so I have this blog to kind of share my opinion or my life with the world. It makes me happy writing this, and I enjoy it, some people might think that that’s a bit sad. I dont really care to be honest.

At the end of the day, I will write about what I want. If it’s shit or not, who cares. I would like to think that people enjoy it, and I’m truly sorry for these people who “hate” it enough to comment about it.

Rant Over and Out.



12 thoughts on “Haters? Wow, Grow Up.

  1. This is true as far as I am aware from your blog you have not.
    But is this really the point?
    Some people do not know how to express their feelings or thoughts. You have desided to make a blog. The ‘haters’ have desided to call you a ‘fat man’. Not everyone is blessed with a good and respectful word palette.
    Would it not have been better to just express why you made this blog and leave such comments about ‘haters’ out? The world is full of people. Some of which like to make their opinion known. Perhaps they thought they were giving you constructive criticism.
    It is only a motion I was thinking.

    A Little Mistress

    • Look, my blog is my space? if you have something against me fair enough. constructive criticism calling me a fat man? i didn’t ask them to read my blog? :L if they didnt like it, they could of taken their comments else where instead of bullying me. i would of thought you out of anyone, would know what it feels like..

      • I have nothing against you. I dont even know who you are.
        Fair enough perhaps you didnt. I wasnt aware of this.
        I do know how it feels like to be bullied yes. But I learnt to accept that some people dont realise they do it. This is all I am telling you.

      • Oh i thought you were someone else, my bad :L well they did realise they were doing it, infact its amazing being told your going to have the shit beaten into you. they didnt do it by accident. they did it on purpose.

  2. Ahh it is quite alright. I sadly have that very often. I think I know who you are speaking of and I can easily see the mistake.
    Ah. Well that on the other hand is a very different matter. From this I do apologize. I thought it was silly comments.
    A Little Mistress

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