I am like so, Oh My God! :’)

Well, since my blog is doing quite well, and I have quite a few subscribed readers:’) THANK YOU GUYS! My Mother has asked me to write advertising her American schweetiesss in her shop. YAY ME. She’s even modenising and wanting me to create a Facebook Page on.. Facebook obvious to advertise her shop :> would be very cool if you could all join, or have a poke around. :3 nooo, you cannot “poke” my mother o.O weird.

ANYWAYS. Today – I was slightly bored as my Stepfather toddled off to find a new grill for our window.. (long story).. I was singing the whole world is in his hands. When, I remembered my Mum wanted me to do a blog post about the American sweets:} so, without further a due here it is!: YAYYYYYYYYY :3

We are probably cheaper than Amazon and Cyber Candy on some of the stuff we have in the shop:} our shops are in Tewkesbury and Malvern, or if you live like no where near us.. you can order online, at sweets-treats.com, i think? if that’s not right, I’m a complete and utter twat for not knowing the website thingymagiggy. We have just started selling American stuff but we have drinks, such as: Vanilla Coke. Wow I nearly wrote cock, how embarrassing… Mountain Dew, Root Beer etc. We have cereal? Yummeh in my Tummeh :3 Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch and something else but I’ve forgotten the name of it. (I’m so good at this advertising malarky;>) We have LOADDDSSSS of reeses stuff :} like reeses pieces, the cups and the nutrageous bars. My Mum basically orders things with weird names, like the bazuka chewing gum, i think it’s called that. And the whatchamacallit chocolate bar :3

What would I recommend?
The Candy Corn because it is so yummeh:3 it’s like a soft chew thing, shaped like Corn. :’) obviously. They come in big bags, of about 300grams? And my Mum would also recommend it since she ate like the whole bag in 24 hours. She even had some for breakfast ;}

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE… don’t hesitate to mail me on Facebook, talk to me on msn, pop in the shop, or contact us through the shop details on the website, you can just google Sweets & Treats. I wont put too much info on here. PERVS jus’saying.. :}

WOW I RAMBLE ABOUT SWEETIES. :} p.s here’s a cool photo of me advertising American stuff:} for you to oggle at;)



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