Sandcastles and Speedos

Dear readers, I am so sorry about my horrible blog post today, I actually have writers block – my brains mush :’) 

I kept thinking of things I could write about, so I thought I would write about my love for the seaside!:) I went to Weston-super-Mare a few months ago, with a group of friends, and I’m going again after everyone finishes school. I absolutely love it, even more so now the piers finished. My friend, Heather, wanted to ride the donkeys, even ran up to them, only to be turned down and told she’s too tall and heavy to ride them:} but we did have a stroke, I was sort of wondering.. if I could secretly place one in my bag o.O I’m sure my rabbit would enjoy it:’) Could just see it now, my Mother just like, er… Lizzie?! :L bahaha.

So yes, things I love about the seaside:-

Tuppenny Falls:
Me and my Mum could literally spend hours at the amusements, and just on the 2p machines, whenever we go out to the seaside, Mum always brings out the bags full of copper:) and it never gets boring? You think it would just stood there for hours putting in 2p after 2p. But I don’t even do it slowly, I just ram them in :’) wow that sounds dodge… The thrill of all the 2p’s falling off as well, and the determination to get those bunch of rebs at the edge clinging on for dear life. THE PRIZES ❤ When we went to devon, we must of gone to every bloody amusement arcade, there was this one which was by the sea.. obviously ;} and they had little cards saying, “you’ve won £2”, the woman behind the counter, must of hated us. Seriously :3 the amount of times we went up giving her cards. She probably ended up bankrupt the next day, bless her socks. My sodding stepdad wouldn’t get off the Pacman machines, it’s like the little chavs in the corner had super-glued his bum to the seat :L.

Sandcastles just make the whole trip feel special, just feeling proud of yourself that you’ve made one, even if there is 3/4 of it missing because it’s fell over, the fact that it’s lasted for about 3 seconds is any achievement:) The last time I built a sandcastle, me and my friend, Hannah built one with a moat around it, the effort into making it, trying to keep the sand where it was, and moving the sand. We are pro’s, don’t mess with us?;) I wish I had a picture to show you guys the amazingness. If anyone has some awesome pictures of their sandcastles I would love to see them :3 I’m going to have to get an email or something set up for this :’) so people can send me cool things (: GOING OFF POINT!

Fish and Chips:
I know you can fish and chips anywhere, but having them by the sea is totes different, I don’t know why, but they just taste different? Fish and chips are meant to be eaten by the sea, so you have all these sand grains fly into you’re food, annoying >:{ but so worth it for the experience:)! I always buy mine from the one opposite the pier:} and sit by the little fountain thing ;D

People can just be themselves:
I love the fact that larger people, can just be themselves, they don’t feel that they have to hide their bodies, and that they don’t have to cover up. Old men, wearing speedoes, people joke about it, but I love the fact that people feel comfortable by being by the beach. I feel like every time I see someone in their own space, own clothes it makes me feel so happy:)

This whole post has just made me look like a sad bastard(:

I just want to say to people, that T4 on the Beach was the best ever experience of my life. I know everyone’s like READING, LEEDS FEST all this, but just seeing Jason Derulo rip off his tee infront of me. MELTTTTTTINGGGG:) And raving with the sand inbetween my toes. Being in my favourite place, listening to my favourite music:) I couldn’t ask for more.

As I said before, we are going to Weston this summer, so I shall fill you in with pictures and stooffff when we have done that. Again, sorry for this shit blog. Better one tomorrow, promise:)


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