Amazing News :’)

Today, well this morning, Mum said buying a camcorder would be a brill idea, because I thought it would be a good thing to have one, so you, the reader, can enjoy the moments I’m writing about :’) like when I go to Weston:> and it would make my blogs more interesting! I don’t want to go into a YouTube channel, because 1. I don’t want to compete with Charlieissocoollike. and 2. I don’t feel ready yet and I love writing blogs :} And I get to video The Moment, rather than forgetting half of it hours later :L

So, hopefully, shall be purrrrrchasing that soon. My Mum’s really shocked my blogs going so well, as am I, so I’m glad she’s investing in it :’)

– BTW, this is just a sub-post, the real post is coming later :> just had to share this amazing news with you :3 I cannot wait to do my first video:}

Better get crackalacking with my proper post!(:


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