My Own TV Show.

I’ve only recently realized this, but looking at my family, I’ve realized that everyday it seem’s like an episode of a comedy. We went to the chip shop today, and we were just reversing, someones’ house was in front of us, and Mum goes, if you get our chips, then I can sit here, and watch their telly:} hahaha. I do love my mother (:

This morning, she wanted me to film her eating pretzels, now you finally know where my retard-ness comes from :3

I have also come to the conclusion that because my Stepdad continuously talks to my Mum even though shes 3 room’s away, that for Fathers Day I’m going to buy him some walkietalkies :’) so they can communicate without moving and getting up every 5 seconds.

For my Stepdad’s birthday, my Mum got him Suduko loo-paper because she thought he could squeeze one out while doing a Suduko, he hasn’t used it yet :L hahaha. Do you see what I mean about the weird family?…

Even though my family is slightly weird, I do love them :3 with my Mum and her cool badge saying “I am the world’s most wonderfullest Mum” or something else like that :’) she’s adorable.

At this percise moment, she’s sat on the sofa eating a Dime Bar, with a blanket over her. Most of my friends will tell you that shes just the coolest. I was at Young Farmers the other night, and there she was walking up to us, DOES ANYONE WANT A PRETZEL?! Thanks Mum :3 Yes you’re right, my Mum does just walk around with food all the time :’)

I am so tired tonight, so I’m sorry for the crapness :’) 

I really do hope that the BBC knock on our door, and to be like, Hello Mrs Henderson, I would just like you to become the new comedy on BBC1 :’3 amazing! I want t-shirts made if that happens. I’ve seen the Henderson’s. Epic :’)


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