The Summer Is Coming in a Bizzle:}

Two more exams, and it’s finally the summer hols! I CANNOT WAIT! I’m sort of pee in your pants kinda excited ;} I’m super jel of all these people that have finished their exams already, but heyho, I should be revising but meh:} ICT is just general knowledge anyway!

I just hope the weather holds out, because I’m in preperation to get my summer clothes out, and if it’s starts weeing down… GOD, I will not be happy. It happened last year. You wear shorts out, then BAMMM, rain :/ I don’t know if it was because my tree-trunks were out but what, or whether my Step-Dad had been singing again.. D:

The warm whether, makes me feel all happy :3 just the fact you can lie around on the grass with your friends, and just relax. I LOVE THAT WORD. I cannot wait to relax, and after my exams – sleep for about a year. Go to the beach with my besties, build about 10 sandcastles, and waste all my money on the tuppenny falls :’) sounds like a lush summer to me!

– ALSO, in a week I shall be ringing up M&S, to apply for a job there, and hopefully they will have a vaccancy :} if not, I’m just gonna be somebodies pimp! I heard it’s good pay(:

I don’t know why, but Example seems to get me in the Summer mood:) So here’s a bit to get you into the groooveeee. Get you’re sunnies out, and just basically, have a rave in your room.


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