Nom :3 is the only way to describe him. Even though I’m not keen on his new song “changed the way you kiss me”, after listening to it a bazillion times, I’m getting used to it :’)

Today I was in such a shit mood, and sososoooo tired, that I listened to about 5 YouTube Video’s of Example’s songs :} and they did cheer me up. I was so stressed about my Physics exam, and tbh, I DID FAIL :3 owell.

But yeah, I am going to see Example in December with my lush boyfriend and my best friends hopefully :} first time of seeing him live. I don’t know whats got me in the mood to see him, but I deffo think there will be a dribble patch where I’m stood. (: ooopsss (a)

My friend Holly, has an EXAMPLE TEE :} and oh my days, I really want to steal it off her, it looked amazing in her display picture, and hopefully I shall buy one at this gig, if not, I’ll make one ;> just cut out the letters on a bit of paper and PVA them on ahaha.

I haven’t been to many gigs, but I have a feeling this will be the best one (: as long as none tries tipping beer over me, punches me in the face, or steps on my feet, I will be fine :}

One more thing before I think of something else to write about ;}, Elliot Gleave, FUCKING MARRY ME! D: ❤ ❤


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