I’m Fired.

A while a go as many of the people who know me know, (if that makes sense?:L)  :} I applied for Junior Apprentice. I kept dilly dallying whether to apply because I thought, there’s so many people who apply, I won’t get in. I even attached a photo of me with a sunburnt face, considering all the other photo’s of me were edited and the photo’s I was taking, normally, I looked like a div.

So, after a few days after the deadline of refreshing my e-mails every 2 seconds, I got an email come through. Casually sat in the bath, on my Blackberry as you are, looking at my e-mails. I turn off the taps, grab a towel and leg it round my house trying to look for my parents to tell them the news. Found my Mum!
Me: You never guess what Mum?
Mum: What’s happened now?
Me: I got in! I got an interview for JA!
Mum: Nooooooo D:

Haha, I was so excited and I told, everyone! But I didn’t care if I didn’t get anywhere, because tbf I just wanted the experience of going on and what it was like to have an interview. It was my dream to be on the TV Show :’) When I got there, there was just so many people, some people casually dressed, like jeans and t-shirt and other people suited and booted. I went for my 30 second interview, with 10 other people. I was number 4. When they called out my number, the butterflies flew all around my body. Hello, my names Lizzie.. etc. There was one lad in there, who even said:

“Which one of you is Simon Cowell” What kind of joke is that o.O haha.

They called my number through to go off with a different person :’) I had no idea what was going on, but the excitement of everything :). I went for 4 interviews, the film bit at the end was a bit dodging, considering there was a gorgeous lad in there who I couldn’t keep my eyes off. D:

I didn’t get an e-mail through or a phone call for the second round, but I will still apply next year :’) just for the experience, even if I didn’t get though.

This post is basically just telling you: life is short, live your dreams, and if you want to do something do it. Do the things you love to do, and don’t let anything get in your way, because if it’s what makes you happy, then it shouldn’t bother you what other people think. Pursue you’re dreams, before you don’t have the time. :’) live for the moment, not for the past ❤


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