Let’s have a bonfire.

So today I had my last exam, Physics which was just.. awful D: I fell asleep for like half an hour because I was just so god damn tired. The fact that I have completed 20 odd exams or something, I see as quite an achievement, and all I’ve been doing every night, is opening a book.. and not even looking at it properly :L

The only thing I’ve got to dread now is the results day. I think I’ll get the envelope, just stare at it for about a year, then eventually open it. Or open it, scream, then burn it ;D.. oshit, I can’t do that can I? Because I need it to show in my interviews.. DAMN IT. Physics was just the worst though. Considering we didn’t even learn anything in those lessons, and she spent the whole of the lessons shouting and moving people and going on about animals or whatnot.

I seriously want to burn my uniform and my school books. But shows how much faith my mum has in me, when she says, no Lizzie, keep hold of those, you might need to re-take stuff. The only thing I think I would massively fail would be German AS, since in my written section, I did, maybe.. write an apology note to the examiner. Maybe I’ll get extra marks :’) it went something like this.

I am terribly sorry for my failure in this subject, as I cannot construct a sentence in German without a dictionary. I know it makes no sense, I know I’m going to fail anyway. I shouldn’t of taken this course, I should of taken French :3
I am terribly sorry for wasting your time.
Love from Lizzie Farrow, German AS Candidate.

I personally thought it was hilarious, considering there was meant to be a minimum of 200 words,, and I wrote like 5? So I’ve reasured Mum that it’s not the end of the world. I did have my English exam on the same day, and when I told Mum the story of what I did, she nearly pooped her pants because she thought I did it in my English exam not my German. GOD NO. If I had done that in English, God would of smitted me by now.

So yeah, I will tell you guys and girlies what I got for my exams when that dreadful day comes. But now the summer is here, THANK GAWDDDD. I’m in some serious need of relaxation :3 I think everyone is. However, it’s now raining. YAYAYAYAYAY ENGLAND. :/

I might just have a permanent umbrella attached to my head.  Like this v


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