Recently, I’ve been wondering if I’m actually good enough. Today the most. I just feel so fat, and ugly. And I feel like I need to change. Like, sometimes you look at other girls, and wonder, why is the person I’m with, with me? And I feel like I need to write this post, to let it all out, because otherwise it’s just going to build up inside of me.

I know I’m not perfect, and no one is, and I know there is things I could do better.

1. I need to stop talking about myself and listen to other people.
2. I need to stop being so jealous and paranoid about shit.
3. I need to eat less food and exercise more. I have serious belly fab :/

I know no one asks you to be perfect, but I feel like I annoy people all the time. And I know that in most of my blogs, I’m banging on about people not changing, because people love them for them etc. But now, I just feel like fshfhskjfkjbfkewbf :L if you get me?

And there’s some days where you just don’t feel that special for that person you love. Some days where you wish you were that girl who wore chinos, a nice top, long hair and was skinny. Some days where I wish I wasn’t me.

I need to stay strong though. For you guys. But I might change a little bit.

I need to be happier. And I’m going to cycle 3 days a week. And go to the gym – sweets are on a ban :3

I’m going to be a better person. A change into that chino girl. Then maybe, I’ll be satisified with myself. And feel a better person.

Maybe then I’ll feel good enough.


One thought on “Maybe…

  1. Everyone has their flaws Lizzie, if everyone was perfect then the world would be a very boring place, wouldn’t it? It’s taken me a little while to realize this myself, but you, you are a completely unique person. You are who you are, and you should never find yourself wishing you were somebody else, cause then your real self gets trapped between what you are and what you want to be. If you want to exercise more, then go for it! It’s your choice to do what you want. But never let who you want to be overpower who you really are. We were given different looks and different personalities for a reason, so that we could be proud to be unique! 🙂

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