My Own TV Show.

I’ve only recently realized this, but looking at my family, I’ve realized that everyday it seem’s like an episode of a comedy. We went to the chip shop today, and we were just reversing, someones’ house was in front of us, and Mum goes, if you get our chips, then I can sit here, and watch their telly:} hahaha. I do love my mother (:

This morning, she wanted me to film her eating pretzels, now you finally know where my retard-ness comes from :3

I have also come to the conclusion that because my Stepdad continuously talks to my Mum even though shes 3 room’s away, that for Fathers Day I’m going to buy him some walkietalkies :’) so they can communicate without moving and getting up every 5 seconds.

For my Stepdad’s birthday, my Mum got him Suduko loo-paper because she thought he could squeeze one out while doing a Suduko, he hasn’t used it yet :L hahaha. Do you see what I mean about the weird family?…

Even though my family is slightly weird, I do love them :3 with my Mum and her cool badge saying “I am the world’s most wonderfullest Mum” or something else like that :’) she’s adorable.

At this percise moment, she’s sat on the sofa eating a Dime Bar, with a blanket over her. Most of my friends will tell you that shes just the coolest. I was at Young Farmers the other night, and there she was walking up to us, DOES ANYONE WANT A PRETZEL?! Thanks Mum :3 Yes you’re right, my Mum does just walk around with food all the time :’)

I am so tired tonight, so I’m sorry for the crapness :’) 

I really do hope that the BBC knock on our door, and to be like, Hello Mrs Henderson, I would just like you to become the new comedy on BBC1 :’3 amazing! I want t-shirts made if that happens. I’ve seen the Henderson’s. Epic :’)


Amazing News :’)

Today, well this morning, Mum said buying a camcorder would be a brill idea, because I thought it would be a good thing to have one, so you, the reader, can enjoy the moments I’m writing about :’) like when I go to Weston:> and it would make my blogs more interesting! I don’t want to go into a YouTube channel, because 1. I don’t want to compete with Charlieissocoollike. and 2. I don’t feel ready yet and I love writing blogs :} And I get to video The Moment, rather than forgetting half of it hours later :L

So, hopefully, shall be purrrrrchasing that soon. My Mum’s really shocked my blogs going so well, as am I, so I’m glad she’s investing in it :’)

– BTW, this is just a sub-post, the real post is coming later :> just had to share this amazing news with you :3 I cannot wait to do my first video:}

Better get crackalacking with my proper post!(:

I<3music, nom :3

Someone stole my iPod a few months back at he gym, so I have no decided to have YouTube as my life now. I’m all snug in my bed then I wack on the YouTube.
It’s funny because I do like quite a lot of music, and I can listen to all this dubstep stooofff (: but it does nothing for me, whereas all this coottteeeee music does :3
Before I share with you my kind of music, I don’t want anyone to judge me. I hate “haters”, so if you’re gonna say anything, fuck off my blog;) thanks muchly!

BOYCE AVENUE. yayayayayay. I love them (: The first moment I listened to them was when my friend Sarah, showed me them in ICT, and from the first song I was a true fan 😀 they gave me so many goosebumps that I felt like the Malvern Hills D; and the lead singer does become hotter after a few more videos. They basically do acoustic covers of songs, I really like their Bruno Mars and Katy Perry stuff 😀 basically fall in love with them or die ;)!

McFLY. Offftttt;) I don’t care if people reading this are like eurgh, they are seriously nasty! I am now starting to fall in love with them all over again :3 SO SCREW YOU >:[ joking, i love you really ^^ after watching Tom Fletcher on The Cube. Yum – one word to describe him :3 I have a sudden urge to see them live now :’) I haven’t listened to their stuff in a while but I’m going to be oggling tonight :> there’s just going to be in my bed, dribbling, my mum changing my bed sheets? “lizzie have you wet yourself.” and me just going, “mmmmmmmmmmm“! :’) WOW. I’m a strange person o.O.

– TYLER WARD. and what? He is just so incredibly yummehh, and he makes his Justin Bieber covers just the best. Melt in your mouth kind of yummeh. ARE YOU JEALOUS OF MY MUSIC?! I think so (: Tyler does covers and original songs, so I would seriously check this dude out, he is so addictive, he will be on your iTunes soon;) without a doubt!

^ Those are my top 3 artists:> I really am into acoustic music, it is my life :} but if you have any other suggestions for me, I will happily give them a try (:

– I can’t help but share my news with you guys:> i sent Charlie McDonnell my blog link, hoping he would read it:} or if not, tell me how to advertise my blog with minimal charges(: because obviously he’s had to advertise his YouTube Channel.

I would also like to thank people who have read my blog, I feel like I have to thank you in every post, 320 views today. Probably down to me and Sarah’s spamming. But please, PLEASE, (starting to sound desperate o.O) post my link on your Tumblr, Facebook, MSN Status, tell your friends, your family, tell the whole world:> subscribe, comment and like(:
Thank you so much guys, really, you mean the world to me(: (look at me getting all emotional;))



Hello, My Names Lizzie, New Lizzie :)

-shakes hand. nice to meet you. So, I spent the whole of last night, and this morning, re-vamping my blog, as you can see, from the totally cool photo’s of me – looking like a moron. And this is to show, that this is the New Me. EXCITED :3. I have been a tad depressed lately, as my close friends know, and probably the whole of Facebook seeing as I updated my status every 20 minutes with the words a long the lines of.. I HATE MYSELF D: wow, I’m just the coolest. So, after a few crying moments, and me being moody, I finally realized I needed to pull my socks up.. even though I wasn’t wearing any socks.. but still, I needed to cheer up and get on with things. So, therefore, I have with my own help, made a list of all the things I would like to do this year. BOOM. Are you ready my dear bloggers?! I think you are!

Lizzie’s cool list of pointless activities to make her feel happy:
1. Always bring my camera with me where ever I go.
2. Update my blog, every day without fail.
3. Try and do something spontaneous, even though I like to plan things?
4. Make a “Wall of Stuff”.
5. Go to see my Sister
6. Build a proper sandcastle by the seaside.
7. Go to Weston-super-Mare. (Perhaps linked in with the sandcastle?)
9. See Example live. SUPER EEEKKKKKKKKKK.
10.  Get a job in Marks and Spencers or somewhere.
11. Loose a stone in weight.
12. Don’t have angry moments, no matter how much someone annoys me.
13. Forget about my Dad.
14. Learn how to drive.
15. Save up for America.
16. Marry Charlie McDonnel?(a)
17. Try and keep my relationship with Craig going, even though I am an arse.

I am also going to start a CHALLENGE LIZZIE after my exams, which shall probably be one my spontaneous things. Where people can comment on my blogs, and ask me to do challenges, inspired by Charlieissocoolike! :> I just watched one of his video’s where he painted himself purple. I would love to set up my own YouTube channel, but the fact that I don’t have a camera has set me a side a bit aha. If you don’t know what a CHALLENGE LIZZIE is, ask or YouTube Charlieissocoollike :> he is my inspiration for my blogs, and I just love watching him.

I would also like to apologize to my boyf & my besties, for sounding suicidal and everything. I am a retard, but I would like to thankyou for putting up with me. I know it gets hard sometimes but you have to bare with me :} it is worth it, I promise. Otherwise, who else is going to pay for your KFC?!

Thank you all for reading my page, it means so much to me! And I am trying my best to keep adding new blogs. I am now going to cook some chicken, stick on some Family Guy and munch on some Ice Cream. Nom :3!