Hello, My Names Lizzie, New Lizzie :)

-shakes hand. nice to meet you. So, I spent the whole of last night, and this morning, re-vamping my blog, as you can see, from the totally cool photo’s of me – looking like a moron. And this is to show, that this is the New Me. EXCITED :3. I have been a tad depressed lately, as my close friends know, and probably the whole of Facebook seeing as I updated my status every 20 minutes with the words a long the lines of.. I HATE MYSELF D: wow, I’m just the coolest. So, after a few crying moments, and me being moody, I finally realized I needed to pull my socks up.. even though I wasn’t wearing any socks.. but still, I needed to cheer up and get on with things. So, therefore, I have with my own help, made a list of all the things I would like to do this year. BOOM. Are you ready my dear bloggers?! I think you are!

Lizzie’s cool list of pointless activities to make her feel happy:
1. Always bring my camera with me where ever I go.
2. Update my blog, every day without fail.
3. Try and do something spontaneous, even though I like to plan things?
4. Make a “Wall of Stuff”.
5. Go to see my Sister
6. Build a proper sandcastle by the seaside.
7. Go to Weston-super-Mare. (Perhaps linked in with the sandcastle?)
9. See Example live. SUPER EEEKKKKKKKKKK.
10.  Get a job in Marks and Spencers or somewhere.
11. Loose a stone in weight.
12. Don’t have angry moments, no matter how much someone annoys me.
13. Forget about my Dad.
14. Learn how to drive.
15. Save up for America.
16. Marry Charlie McDonnel?(a)
17. Try and keep my relationship with Craig going, even though I am an arse.

I am also going to start a CHALLENGE LIZZIE after my exams, which shall probably be one my spontaneous things. Where people can comment on my blogs, and ask me to do challenges, inspired by Charlieissocoolike! :> I just watched one of his video’s where he painted himself purple. I would love to set up my own YouTube channel, but the fact that I don’t have a camera has set me a side a bit aha. If you don’t know what a CHALLENGE LIZZIE is, ask or YouTube Charlieissocoollike :> he is my inspiration for my blogs, and I just love watching him.

I would also like to apologize to my boyf & my besties, for sounding suicidal and everything. I am a retard, but I would like to thankyou for putting up with me. I know it gets hard sometimes but you have to bare with me :} it is worth it, I promise. Otherwise, who else is going to pay for your KFC?!

Thank you all for reading my page, it means so much to me! And I am trying my best to keep adding new blogs. I am now going to cook some chicken, stick on some Family Guy and munch on some Ice Cream. Nom :3!